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Kitchen Challenge Team Building

At Caruccio’s we can create for you a unique and unforgettable food and wine team building experience. Our signature Kitchen Challenge is perfect for teams from 12-24 who love friendly competition. Attendees are split into groups and have 1 hour to prepare their best creations which are then judged and awarded prizes. During this stimulating experience they are assisted by chefs and guided by our conductor. The event concludes with a wine paired buffet of each team’s preparations, house made appetizers, dessert and coffee at our elegant community table.

  • Custom designed for 12 to 24 guests
  • TV cooking show atmosphere
  • Guided by chefs and conductor
  • 3-hour event, free parking
  • All cooking levels welcome
  • Fresh seasonal ingredients
  • 1-hour cooking countdown
  • Prizes for winners
  • Wine pairing

Cooking Classes

Caruccio’s employs highly skilled chefs and instructors from around the world to lead an enticing cooking event for your group. Two types of classes are offered: an engaging interactive demonstration and a hands-on cooking class. Each demo and class begin with welcoming appetizers and wine. During the demo, you will watch, learn and interact with our chef in the open demonstration kitchen while seated along our 21-ft countertop equipped with 2 instructional screens for easy viewing. If desired, participants can take part in various steps of the preparations. Tastings of food will be served throughout the demo. In our hand-on cooking class, each participant will have his/her own dedicated station and will be guided by our chef or instructor through the preparation of various dishes. The cooking class will conclude with enjoying the dishes prepared during the class at our elegant community table.

Our fully equipped open demo kitchen offers a full range of kitchen equipment for large class sizes with 12 restaurant grade burners, 2 ovens and 21-ft curved countertop. Kitchen accessories include 6 stand mixers, 4 food processors, 9 induction burners, and individual chopping stations for each participant.

  • Hands-on cooking class designed for 8 to 12 guests
  • Interactive demo designed for 8 to 24 guests
  • Fresh seasonal ingredients
  • Rotating team of skilled chefs & instructors
  • Welcome appetizers & wine pairing
  • Soft drinks, coffee and tea included
  • Tasting of all dishes created
  • Stunning 21-ft curved countertop
  • Two overhead screens for instructional viewing
  • 2-hour event, free parking
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