Lisa And Rino Puglia

A heartfelt letter from Lisa~

Rino and I have made the painful decision to stop hosting events permanently at Caruccio's Culinary & Event Center on Mercer Island, as the CoVid pandemic has wiped out any opportunity to hold our unique community gatherings in our beautiful center as we have in the past. The risk of large gatherings with buffets will not make sense for our caring community for quite some time into the future. This type of event is the very essence of what Caruccio's has always been.

This does not mean that our mission to bring people together through food & wine will go away completely. Even though our event center will close, our passion & principles will not. We are currently exploring new and exciting pathways to delight you with the same devotion.

The last 4 years of Caruccio's private events and Wine Wednesdays were clearly much more than a "business". Every ounce, every concept, was built on a dream, a passion to take a risk on myself and what I wanted to give our community. A dream I jumped on much later in life, but as my dear mother used to say, I "jumped through that hoop" despite the fears and risks. And with overwhelming joy, this amazing community supported me and was on the other end of the hoop with their arms wide open. Without you, Caruccio's would not have happened and succeeded as it did. And without our committed and talented staff, we couldn't have fulfilled this dream. For the staff and community who trusted us with their life events, from which Rino and I have gained lifetime friends, my gratitude is hard to express. I have become a better, more confident person because of the support and love from you all.

Lastly, I want to say that there is a very deep, real reason that I chose to embed my grandfathers and mothers prized recipes in the wet cement foundation when Caruccio's was being built, where I knew the stove would be placed, representing my emotional "foundation". I believe that no matter how late in life you realize it, we all have something uniquely our own to give back to the world that requires betting on yourself. And that when that risk meets a community like Mercer Island......magic happens.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in the "why" of Caruccio's, and my wish is that we gave to you, the same magic that you gave to us.