Modern Indian Pop-up Dinner by Meesha
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Modern Indian Pop-up Dinner by Meesha

Meesha welcomes you to experience this multi course one of a kind surprise spring dinner that encompasses the fresh seasonal produce and seafood though unique fusion dishes that showcase the vast variety of Indian cuisine...The unique five course dinner will be served along with amuse bouche, a palette cleanser and a welcome drink. 

Meesha captures the essence of India in full vibrance by recreating the traditional recipes that have been carried through generations and loved by all. Started by Preeti Agarwal and Priya Mahajan, both sharing a common passion for elevated cooking, Meesha aims to bring in the unique and modern take on these famous dishes without compromising on taste or flavor by using local and fresh seasonal ingredients.

The elevated dishes encompass the vast diversity that India offers, through its regional food. From cooking to presentation, the vision is to revamp the dishes so the taste and experience stay with you for long after you've enjoyed them. 

This event already happened!