"Lunchtime Lessons" The Karachi Kitchen
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"Lunchtime Lessons" The Karachi Kitchen

                           Demo and lunch: Bun Kabab + chutneys

A popular street food in Karachi, the Bun Kabab is a hearty burger. In this vegetarian version potato patties are mixed with spices before being cooked to perfection, topped with onions and a fried egg, and eaten in a hamburger bun. It is best devoured with green coconut chutney or/and tamarind chutney, both of which will also be taught in this class.

This lunchtime lesson demonstration class & lunch will be taught by Chef Kausar Ahmed from Pakistan.  She will take us on a journey through her recently released cookbook "The Karachi Kitchen".  Chef Kausar is very loved at Caruccio's and is she is excited to share her passion for her beautiful cuisine.  

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