High School Cooking Camp!
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High School Cooking Camp!

This one is designed to be FUN and educational, too.  Come to our new state-of-the-art culinary center to our High School Cooking Camp and learn from Chef Abby Canfield!  Chef Abby is always ready to share her kitchen wisdom with young people who are eager to learn the tricks of the culinary trade.  It's summer vacation, so the approach is to learn but remains stress-free.  Mondays and Tuesdays in July 11-3pm

13 students maximum each class

$175 per student per 2 day session

$600 per student for all classes

July 2nd and 3rd -

Basic skills and terms, broths and stocks, meat and braising, seasonal cooking

July 9th and 10th -

Baking! cakes and cookies, flat breads, sandwich bread

July 16th and 17th -

Pasta party! Handmade pasta, sauces, meatballs, filled pasta

July 23rd and 24th -

Whole fish and seafood - invite parents for student prepared dinner evening of 7.24 (participants from each session can come too)

Bio - Chef Abby 

It was love at first sight! And smell. And taste. Abby's first trip to Italy instilled a love of all things Italian, especially the food and culture brought together at the table. Since that first taste she has been pursuing her passion for the best ingredients prepared in simple yet delicious ways.

After graduating with a degree in Restaurant and Resort Management, Abby attended the Master Course at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners in the Piemonte region of Italy where she learned more in depth about regional Italian cuisine, the wonders of Italian wine, and products like Grana Padano cheese. The course included a 3 month stage at a Michelin Starred restaurant in Torino called Ristorante Magorabin. 

After this incredible experience Abby decided it was time for a new adventure which meant a move to Seattle. Since moving Abby has been a part of multiple restaurant openings and has worked at a variety of restaurants including Tilth and Black Bottle Postern. Her experience with Maria Hines and fondness for Italian food led her to becoming the Executive Chef at Agrodolce, a Sicilian restaurant in Fremont, where she flourished in the creative environment, writing menus for all services, special holidays and events, as well as training and guiding new cooks to success. After an amazing 5+ years in the position, it was time again for new adventures! Abby is now teaching cooking classes at Caruccio’s and other schools in the Puget Sound area as well as doing private catering.  Find her on instagram : @livesforfood

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