Healthy Food Basics (16-18 yr olds) -  Dorm Friendly Snacks w/Tracy Samuels
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Healthy Food Basics (16-18 yr olds) - Dorm Friendly Snacks w/Tracy Samuels

Join us in Caruccio's state-of-the-art culinary center on Mercer Island, WA.  This class is for 16-18 year olds starting to transition from high school to college. They will get a great start in life by learning to create healthy breakfast and snacks in their dorms. All participants will have plenty of opportunities to taste and sample in this fun and informative setting, with Tracy Samuels, a local and very-loved expert on healthy cooking.

Tracy will focus this class on:


Overnight oats

Almond Butter Bites

Smoothies for a week

**Tracy Samuels - Instagram @Tracy’sTastyLife, has a loyal following of her healthy & beautiful creations.  She is a lifelong lover of food, a mom of 3, has worked in the entertainment business for 20 years, a baker, recipe experimenter and wellness nut.  And she’s obsessed with the memories food conjures up and how it brings people together.  

Let’s face it- most people are happy when eating a good meal.   She’s learned one of the places she finds the most joy is in the kitchen. 

Growing up with one grandma who was a pie maker and one who cooked everything with bacon fat-  Her tastes and experiences were varied as a child.   Her mom, a great cook inspired her passion in the kitchen and spreading love through food.  Every holiday involved a cake and special meal.  But she also grew up in the American family of the 70’s and 80’s which meant casseroles, crock pots and fast food.  Growing up in a predominantly Hispanic town in California, she was also exposed to that culture and cuisine.  It was a huge part of her childhood and she has a love and respect for Mexican food in particular.   

Tracy’s choices haven’t always been healthy, and she’s learned over the years about food and ingredients and the impact on health. After moving from Los Angeles in search of a different kind of life - her view of food changed also. Then facing some health challenges shortly after that -she became her own wellness warrior trying to figure out what made her feel better and what made her feel worse. The journey led her to believe that food has a bigger impact on our healing and health than we realize, and that food can often heal what ails us.  

She’s learned healthy can be delicious and every meal should feel like a treat. Make it beautiful and it just tastes better.   We spend so much time in our lives eating, preparing and thinking about food- why wouldn’t we make it joyous? 

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